David Bowie's Berlin city tour
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David Bowie's Berlin city tour

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  • Travel back in time to the Cold War that inspired David Bowie's Berlin albums
  • Start at the legendary club Zoo Station and follow Bowie's trail to the flat he shared with Iggy Pop
  • Take a stroll by the Hansa recording studios where Bowie’s music reached its creative peak
  • Discover Bowie's strange inspirational attachment to his adopted dystopia of Cold War angst,
  • Visit and explore Bowie's favorite Berlin Clubs and Cafés

When David Bowie moved to Berlin in 1976, he found an island of Cold War angst, “Cut off from its world, art, and culture, dying with no hope of retribution.” This Bowie in Berlin tour takes you back to the decadent 1970s city that inspired Bowie’s classic Berlin trilogy albums: Low, Heroes, and Lodger. Bowie’s Berlin was a kaleidoscope of creativity and a break from the public eye that he had grown tired of in Los Angeles, while also undergoing various legal battles with his management.

Starting at West Berlin’s Cold War opulent heart, Zoo Station, you will follow Bowie’s trail including the flat he shared with Iggy Pop in Schöneberg, a neighborhood once known for its acceptance of outsiders and minorities. Then you’ll pass by the clubs the duo partied in. Despite seeking stability from his own party habits, Bowie was inspired by Berlin’s underground electronic music scene. Discover how this all contributed to what many consider to be Bowie’s creative peak at the legendary Hansa recording studios overlooking the Berlin Wall.

Visited sites: Bahnhof Zoo, former Dschungel Club, KaDeWe, Potsdamer Platz, Hansa Studios, Berlin Wall, Topographie of Terror, Bowie’s former home, Neues Ufer Café.

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  • Metro ticket

Schiffbauerdamm 8, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Место встречи:

Meet your guide at Ständige Vertretung, a memorabilia-filled cafe.

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  • This tour requires a minimum of two people
  • You will need to use public transport a few times since the distances between some key sites would be too far to walk. If you will not have a few day visitor's transit pass to Berlin already, we suggest that you purchase the day metro pass. If you cannot purchase it in advance then your guide will help you to purchase it at the first metro station on the tour
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  • Please refer to the calendar for updated starting times and availability
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