Hop-on hop-off Copenhagen tickets with bus and boat options
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Hop-on hop-off Copenhagen tickets with bus and boat options

Доступность: Every day
Срок действия: Разное
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  • Take your choice between hop-on hop-off bus and boat routes
  • Enjoy your ticket valid for 48hours (72hr with train option)
  • Explore Copenhagen like a pro with tons of great places to check out along the way

All Routes (with Tivoli)

Explore the best of Copenhagen with 3 different bus routes that take you all around Copenhagen. With the All Lines tour, you are sure to see all the different parts of the city, from the historical city center with its royal palace and the Little Mermaid, to the alternative and hip Christianshavn with its houseboats and Freetown Christiania, to the fashionable area of Frederiksberg with its shops, cafés and amazing park.

You likewise get access to the wonderful Tivoli Garden. Here you can stroll around the many roller coasters, flowers and restaurants, captivated by this old amusement park.

Map and Timetable


Mermaid Tour (with Tivoli)

The Mermaid route takes you to the historical parts of Copenhagen, where old and modern architecture, numerous museums, experience and attractions make up the unique atmosphere. Hop off the bus and explore the culture district, the Amalienborg Palace, the Black Diamond and the Little Mermaid - just to name a few places. Or stay on the bus and listen to the audio guide all the way.

Explore and enjoy the marvelous Tivoli Garden, the world’s second oldest amusement park. Tivoli captivates its visitors with its many colorful flowers, restaurants, cafés - and, of course, the thrilling roller coasters and other rides.

Map and Timetable


Hop-on hop-off boat

Get onboard a hop-on hop-off boat tour for an audio guided sightseeing tour through the harbor and idyllic canals. You will see Copenhagen's old listed houses, new buildings and all other sights of interest. Hop on and off when you like at one of the stops along the route and explore Copenhagen by boat at your own pace.

This tour covers important landmarks and sights such as Christiansborg Palace - National Bank of Denmark - the Opera – the Little Mermaid - Amaliehaven - Our Saviours Church and the Black Diamond.

Map and Timetable


Hop-on hop-off combination bus and boat

Sightseeing at you own pace by land and sea! See Copenhagen's palaces and museums by bus and then experience the city like the Mermaid does from the water, with a cool breeze in your hair and fresh air in your lungs.

Enjoy access to a small selection of the hop-on hop-off bus stops: the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, Christianshavn, Christiansborg Palace, Christiania and the Opera as well as a small selection of the hop-on hop-off boat stops: Gammel Strand, the Royal Danish Playhouse, the Little Mermaid and Christianshavn.

Map and Timetable (see bus and boat timetables above)


Hop-on hop-off bus, boat and City Train

Experience Copenhagen to the fullest from bus, boat and the Copenhagen City Train. With a Supreme ticket, you can 'hop-on hop-off' boats, buses and the cozy Copenhagen City Train as much as you want for up to 72 hours. This way you can ride the Copenhagen City Train through the medieval part of Copenhagen known for its impressive architecture, see museums and castles by bus and sail through the idyllic canals of the city, all at your own pace.

Join the bus and see: the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, Amalienborg Palace, Rosenborg and Tivoli.

Hop-on hop-off boat : Experience Copenhagen from the sea and hop on and off at e.g. Nyhavn or at Gammel Strand/Ved Stranden.

The Old City Train stops at: City Hall Square, Torvehallerne, Copenhagen Cathedral and Gammel Strand/Ved Stranden.

Please note that there might be changes to timetables/route.

Map and Timetables (see bus and boat timetables above)

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  • Children 5 year of age and under: free
  • Children 6-15 years of age: reduced
  • Available every day
  • Some of the options are only available seasonally. Please check the timetables carefully
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