Caminito del Rey

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Discover Caminito del Rey, known as one of the most dangerous routes in the world, located in Malaga, Spain. A favorite for hikers and tourists alike,...

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Если вы ищете удивительный опыт вместе с прекрасными видами, посетить захватывающий путь Эль Каминито дель Рей (маленький путь короля). От м...

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Увидеть один из самых известных и красивых туристических маршрутов Испании, Каминито-дель-Рей. После того, как подобрали на месте встречи, и...

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Discover Caminito del Rey, known as one of the most dangerous routes in the world, located in Malaga, Spain. A favorite for hikers and tourists alike, this walkway suspended over a gorge was reopened in 2015 after undergoing renovations that included more stringent safety measures. Follow the narrow paths and enjoy the breathtaking views and captivating history of one of Malaga's main attractions.

Located between the cities of Álora, Antequera and Ardales in the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Gorge, the Caminito del Rey was built over 100 years ago as a passage for the workers of the two hydroelectric power plants in the area. Explore one of the most beautiful areas of the province, just 19 miles north from Malaga, located in a unique natural environment!

The path that begins in Ardales and leads to Álora covers a distance of 5 miles and can take up to four hours to cross canyons and gorges through the paths. Use and entrance ticket to hike Caminito del Rey solo or join a guided tour to find out more about the construction of the trail and its fascinating history. Book tickets in advance, as this destination is a great destination! It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and requires an admission ticket for all visitors, with a maximum number of visitors authorized per day for security reasons. Note that all travelers will be required to wear a helmet and go through security checks.

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Caminito del Rey Calle Conde de Guadalhorce, 29550 Ardales, Málaga, Spain Málaga
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