Guided tour of Notre-Dame, City Island and St Séverin Church

Guided tour of Notre-Dame, City Island and St Séverin Church

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Язык: Английский , Испанский
Доступность: Daily
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Продолжительность: up to 1 час 30 минут
Выбор покупателей
  • Learn more about its rescue
  • Discover how we are going to rebuild it
  • Take in panoramic views of Cathedral from different spots
  • Your expert guide will provide powerful binoculars
  • Guided tour at the Saint-Severin Church.
  • Explore the district of Ile de la Cité : The heart of Paris

Paris's beloved Notre-Dame cathedral has been one of the French capital's most famous landmarks since it was built 850 years ago. Notre-Dame, which translates in English as "Our Lady", has played a role in key moments of history and captured the imagination of people around the world.

In April 2019, the main spire and roof of the building collapsed in a huge fire. People across the globe are now mourning the damage.

By joining this tour you will learn more about:

  • The rescue of Notre-Dame
  • What are the next steps for its reconstruction
  • You will see the revival of Gothic Architecture
  • This tour will pay tribute to the exceptional craftsmen who will undertake the work
  • And you will enjoy a walking tour in the Ile de la Cité : the mythical place where everything began

Next you will enjoy a guided tour at the Saint-Severin Church in the latin quarter, a great example of the “The flamboyant Gothic Architecture”, we called her the little sister of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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  • Guided Tour of 1h20 : NOtre-Dame, City Island and St Séverin Church
  • A donation is systematically offered to Cathedral when you book the tour
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  • Transfer
  • Food / Drink
  • Visit inside Notre-Dame Cathedral
Льготная цена
  • Children under 16 are free of charge

Boutique Souvenir 7 rue Lagrange 75004 Paris

Место встречи:

Please be there 15 minutes before the departure time, you will have to meet your guide at the Boutique Souvenir 7 rue Lagrange 75004 Paris, your guide will wait you outside the boutique.

Важно помнить
  • Due to the fire incident, it is not possible to enter the Cathedral of Notre Dame
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  • Every day at 10.00 am
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